PL 023-20-8795 “Taylor Made” this raced in the Algarve Great Winter Derby Race from 486km and is a proven one-loft race pigeon. The pedigree is taylor made for one-loft racers.


SIRE TR-19-005839 “Prince Porsche 839” bred by Alpdag brothers of Turkey; he is a son of Golden Porsche X Golden Lieve 674. Golden Porsche is a son from Porsche 911 X Porsche 325. So a father to daughter pairing.

Lieve 674 is a direct daughter of Golden Prince X Lieve (Geerinckx) nothing but 1st National Ace Pigeons one-day long distance throughout his bloodlines.


DAM DV-07274-15-1140 “Blackgirl” bred by Hardy Kruger she is a direct daughter from Black Sky X Ratina-Z making Blackgirl a granddaughter of Black Power, Astina, Bailey and Nelly, all iconic breeders for Hardy.

Black Sky is a top performer and he has bred many top One-Loft race winners.