With more than 25 years of experience, we are your first choice for selling your racing pigeons

We are proud to announce that Northern Premier Pigeons Auctions has expanded its sales from the hall to an online platform, under the name Northern Premier Online Auctions. We are well known from our offline auctions, so now we can guarantee you the sales will be viewed worldwide.

Stay safe and I hope to see you soon!
Les Green.

Current highest bids

  • 01

    Simply Special

    Mark Gilbert
    Mark Gilbert
    Current bid: £2400
    Highest bid: Pigeons1234
    Time left
  • 02

    Young Vrank

    NL17 1279469
    Willem De Bruin
    Current bid: £1000
    Highest bid: Andymono
    Time left
  • 07

    Best Of Both

    Best Kittel
    Current bid: £950
    Highest bid: Nutty
    Time left
  • 01

    Jacob Hurricane 444

    NL17 1279444
    Willem De Bruin
    Current bid: £900
    Highest bid: Andymono
    Time left
  • 09

    Miss Kittel

    Best Kittel
    Current bid: £870
    Highest bid: Hugopeter
    Time left
Les Green holding a pigeon

Meet Les Green, our auctioneer

Les Green's achievements in 'the pigeon game' are unbelievable. Les is mostly known for his outstanding racing and auctioneering skills. He has sold top quality pigeons worldwide for many years now and he continuous to do so. His relation- and companionship with other top flyers and breeders, make it possible for him to get the best pigeons available out there.

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