Auction summary


We at Northern Premier start our 2022-23 season with a fantastic auction of some of the most current and successful sprint pigeons on the planet today on behalf of





Tom is a big family man and he and his family had planned to race from all distances and to compete at the highest level in this great sport of ours. In the first year and racing in just a handful of races the pigeons already started to show their great potential by winning races in the club and fed and by breeding fed and gold ring winners for other fanciers in just 1 year racing. Unfortunately some personal family and health matters have made these plans unachievable and so Tom now finds he simply does not have the same time available to him and he cannot rely on the help of the family like they had all planned. With this news comes enforced new plans and Tom has decided

to reduce his stock loft to just a handful of his Jan Hooymans pigeons, he plans to use these for middle and longer distance racing and is forgoing the sprint scene. So all the direct stock he bought from some of the best sprint lofts in Belgium with the help of his good friend James Dutton, (one of the most knowledgeable fanciers around and someone who knows the Antwerp area of Belgium and it’s fanciers as well as anyone does) are being offered in this, our first auction of 2022/23 season. Tom bought a full round from the breeding lofts of Alex Dockx and many from the ultra successful Carl and Cyriel Lambrechts. As with all direct stock from the brilliant Alex Dockx and Lambrechts the pedigrees are sparse but the pigeons are top quality. Tom has offered for sale every one of the directs he bought in recent years and in this auction Tom also offers his prized possession ‘Cordy’s Girl’ the 1st Open Midlands National Winner from Falaise by a clear 49ypm.


Ends: 2 October 2022 21:00