Terms and conditions

Before participating in any auctions or registering an account on this website, please read our terms and conditions stated below.

When registering, you’ll automatically agree to provide us with your real name, address and other informations required for registration. Any accounts with fake information will be excluded from our auctioning system.

The highest bidder for each lot shall be the purchaser at the fall of the hammer. Any dispute, the auctioneer shall have the absolute discretion to either settle such dispute or to reoffer the said lot immediately. Each purchaser shall give his/her name and address if so required and pay the full purchase price at the fall of the hammer in full before the close of sale. No lots shall be removed from the premises until paid for in full and deemed the purchaser’s property at the fall of the hammer, when they shall be considered as delivered and will then remain in every respect at the absolute risk of the purchaser. The descriptions and details of each lot are those furnished by the vendor and whilst Northern Premier Auctions take every step to ensure authenticity, sole and legal responsibility is the vendor/s. The auctioneer reserves the right to conduct the sale in the best interest of the vendor and purchaser alike. Also to withdraw or combine any 2 or more lots at his sole discretion. Cheques are accepted but only when pre- arranged with the auctioneer and then when positive means of identification can be produced, ie passport, driving licence, etc. payment may be requested at any time after the fall of the hammer on each lot. Telephone and postal bids are accepted. These conditions will apply to all auctions conducted by Northern Premier Pigeon Auctions in the UK.

When you have won an auction, you must contact the seller after you’ve made the payment. Both the seller and buyer will receive a letter of information after the final appointment is made at the request of the buyer. It is the buyers duty to fetch the pigeon purchased at auction. The seller has no obligations, but a special deal could be made between buyer and seller if they come to an agreement.