IHU 2023 S084009 Bred by Jack Boyd, this is another really consistent pigeon that was 2nd in the Final dropping with the winner when the 2 birds arrived 10 minutes in front of the next birds home, finishing 1st Ace Pigeon by winning 26th in hotspot 1 (dropping with the winner), 45th in hotspot 2, 52nd in hotspot 3 and 35th in the Semi Final.

SIRE IHU 16 S064703 Bred by Gerry O’Mara from Dublin, this cock is bred from the best of his bloodlines.  His father is “Figo Boy” from Reynaerth; he is sire and grandsire to over 20 X 1st club winners, 5 X 1st fed winners for 5 different fanciers with up to 12,400 birds competing also 2nd fed 8,000b, 3rd fed 7,000b etc. His mother is Rocket Girl a great winning hen that won 1st Fed 9,901b, 1st Fed 8,000b and she has bred fed winners against up to 4,654b.

DAM IHU 13 S139311 Bred by Sean Hunt from Arthena, the super hen that has bred winners with five different mates