GB 21 L15563 Grizzle bred from the best of the J. Den Hartog & Son pigeons. He is
a brother/sister to 1st Liverpool Amal.
SIRE NL 20-1762706 a direct son of “Crazy Grisly and Mandy”
Crazy Grisly is the 4th Ace General in the Region C with mote than 18 top prizes,
10th Ace Pigeon Afderling 7 in 2015 and a half brother to ‘Silver Lady’ 1st National
One-Day Long Distance Champion of all Holland.
‘Mandy’ is the 1st National Ace All-Round Pigeon WHZB/TBOTB 2019 and she is a
daughter from Crazy Grisly X Amber.
DAM NL 19-1480261 grizzle, she is the mother to 1st Liverpool Amal and she is a
daughter from ‘Zoon Lorena’ and ‘Anita’ Zoon Lorena is the father to the fantastic
‘Silver Lady’ and Anita was the 10th best Ace Pigeon OB of the Netherlands, PIPA
Ranking. Anita is also a daughter from Lorena. ‘Zoon Lorena’ is also the father to
‘Crazy Grisly’