GB 22 V78984 Blue Hen “Miss Best Kittel” she is a granddaughter of Ludo, National Di Caprio, Bonten Dirk and Dynamic Best Kittel.

SIRE IHU 16 S111863 “Mr Blue Skies” he is a winner of 1st National IHUNFC 1,980b and he is the father to 1st National IHUNFC 2,148b, 8th National IHUNFC 730b, 20th Fed 1,874b, 21st Fed 8,941b, 30th Fed 2,440b and 74th Fed 5,136b His father is Ludo and his mother is ‘National Di Caprio’ another direct daughter of Di Caprio X Blue Kannibaal.

DAM GB 20 V83207 “Super Lady” she is a unique hen from 2 iconic sprint families of modern times. Her father is ‘Bonten Dirk” he is a direct son of the wonder cock “Supersprint 979 X Golden Lady 871. Supersprint 979 is one of the famous sons of the basic van Den Bulck couples ‘Brother Goede Rode X 40000 Duiven’ and Golden Lady 871 is the mother to Goede Rode and Brother Goede Rode; she is a direct daughter of the wonder couple Nieuwe Rossi & Eenoogske. The mother to ‘Super Lady’ is ‘Dynamic Best Kittel’ and she is a full sister to Best Kittel II, the 1st National Ace KBDB Sprint Champion 2020 and father to ‘Grizzle Best Kittel’, which was 2nd Nat Ace KBDB Sprint 2022 only to his own loft mate. Best Kittel II is a son from Best Kittel X Sister Rosita.