GB 22 V79149 Blue Hen “Dynamic Shirocco” she is bred from the exclusive pairing of Dynamic Olympiad X Shirocco.

SIRE GB 14 R27241 “Dynamic Olympiad” a super breeder and father to 1st Fed 3,323b, 1st Fed 2,440b, 1st Fed 2,014b, 2nd Fed (to loft mate) 1,782b, 3rd Fed (to loft mates) 3,212b, 4th Fed (to loft mates) 1,537b, 4th Fed 1,131b, 6th Fed (to Loft mates) 1,782b, 6th National (to loft mates) IHUNFC 730b, 10th Fed 3,375b, 10th Fed 3,267b, 16th Fed 1,782b, 17th Fed 2,157b, 20th Fed 2,293b and 27th Fed 1,131b. Dynamic Olympiad is bred from a son of the famous Olympiad 003 and a daughter from Di Caprio.

DAM NL 19-1132001 “Shirocco” she is a superb hen and bred from the very best lines of the Van Den Bulcks. Her father is bred from Brother Goede Rode X 40000 and her mother is a daughter from Kittel X New Golden Lady. Shirocco is the mother to 1st Fed 2,440b, 2nd Fed 3,323b, 3rd Fed 3,241b, 3rd fed 3,068b, 3rd Fed 809b, 8th Fed 3,241b, 11th Fed 2,014b, 14th fed 3,068b, 18th Fed 2,014b, 19th Fed 2,014b many times only beaten by loft mates.