NWHU 21 C3228 Pied Hen “Chico’s Girl” she comefrom Paul Fisher from Blackpool and she is a direct daughter of “Chico”


SIRE 10 A8515 “Chico” a winner of 9 X 1st prizes in the club, also 1st Fed, 1st 2-bird club, 1st 3-bird club and 1st 4-bird club. His parents are The Boss X Driekanderke from Bosua.


DAM 15 A43582 she is a daughter from Shrek X Walters Girl.

“Shrek” won 2 X 1st Fed and 2 X 1st in the 2-bird club.

“Walters Girl” won 3 X 2nd Fed. Both parents are from Bosua stock.