GB 21 V38372 “Layla” she is a top Syndicate Lofts hen that is a granddaughter of War Drum, Carmen, Warlord and Foxy Lady.


SIRE GB 19 A49678 “Primo” a direct son of War Drum and Carmen.

“War Drum” is direct father to 1st Frome 1,268b, 1st Wincanton 1,369b, 1st Portland 1,192b, 1st Wincanton 1,462b, 1st Portland 1,292b, 1st Yeovil 1,219b, 1st Wincanton 1,162b, 1st Frome 4,516b, 1st Frome 3,700b, 1st Wincanton 1,087b, 1st Portland 1,296b, 1st Swainswick 1,192b, 1st Frome 3,550b, 1st Portland 957b, 2nd Open M.C.C.C Carentan 1,203b, 6th Open Teurlings Gold Ring Classic Carentan 720b, 11th Open MNFC Fougeres 8,359b and 12th Open MCCC Messac 593b.


“Carmen” is a daughter from Drum X Gerrie. She is also responsible for 1st NFC Coutances YB National 3,200b (1st Overall 4,155b)


DAM GB 20 V56423 “Cinnamon Girl” a direct daughter from Warlord X Foxy Lady

“Warlord” is father and grandfather to over 20 X 1st Fed winners and to many one-loft race winners for Milly’s Loft. He is a son from the “Young Couple”


“Foxy Lady” a winner of 1st Section 987 Pigeons 2nd Open MNFC Countances 8,984 Pigeons

1st Section 745 Pigeons 2nd Open MNFC Acensis 5,612 Pigeons

1st Section 1,125 Pigeons 3rd Open MNFC Fourgeres 8,359 Pigeons


G.Sire: GB13V28558  Apollo 8

Bred by Peter Fox” Syndicate Lofts” Direct son of Granger and Mary Kate “Ganus Family Lofts”


G.Dam: GB13A10639 Moonshine

Bred by Peter Fox” Syndicate Lofts” Direct daughter of the super breeding couple Bandit x Moonglow

Foxy Lady is the mother to “Lone Survivor” 1st UK Ace Pigeon by 1 hour clear, 5th International Ace Pigeon, 3rd Knockout winner and 45th Final Race SAMDPR.