WHU 2023 E19727 “Tracy Wino” Bred by Sterio Brothers and Ellaway, this pigeon finished 31st in the Final Race, 6th in hotspot 1 having dropped with the winner, 151st hotspot 2, 106th hotspot 3 and 19th in the Semi Final.

SIRE WHU 22 D21487 ‘Steggles” bred from a Slaty cock that is a super breeder and has sired 1st club, 1st Fed, 2nd Club 3rd Fed, 3rd Club 3rd Fed winners in 2 separate races. Slaty was coupled with a double granddaughter of Best Kittel that was bred by Les Green; she is the mother to 2nd club, 2nd fed, 2nd section beat by a loft mate. Her parents are Picasso X La Beauty.

DAM WHU 22 D33860 ‘Maggie’ her father has bred 2nd club, 2nd Fed, 3rd club, 3rd Fed only being beaten by loft mates and was bred by Premier Stud from Geraint Thomas X Kittel Tia. Her mother bred 1st Breeder-Buyer winning £1000 and 3rd club, 3rd Fed and 5th club, 5th fed.