GB 2023 V35207 Bred by Peter Barry this was the 27th Open winner in the Final Race, 136th in hotspot 1, 35th in hotspot 2, 17th hotspot 3 dropping with the winner and 52nd in the Semi Final. Lot 27 was also


SIRE WHU 21 C38134 Van Dyke 2021 RPRA OLR.

S1 = 104th

S2 = 198th

S3 = Cancelled

S4 = 58th

Final = 197th

His father won 4th Ace YB 2017 and was 7th Hotspot 3 and is bred from 4 X 1st Open winners/ his mother was 4th Ace YB 2019 and was also 20th in the Final race R/U 2 bird average winner in the Final and was bought back for £3,281. She is a daughter from Fast As Lightning X Nemesis.

DAM GB 13 X27440 Cattryse, she won 1st club Kingsdown, 2nd club Taunton, 3rd club Taunton, 6th Open NFC Messac 7,053b. She was bred by Colin Lloyd.