GB 2023 N48683 Bred by Tom Scott and Family this youngster finished 28th Open in the Final Race, 11th in hotspot 1, 154th hotspot 2, 54th hotspot 3 and 9th in the Semi Final.

She is inbred to Champion Vasile, which was 1st National Ace Pigeon Marathon, winning 1st 1,000km 2,100b, 6th 840km 3,100b, 196th 630km 11,500b and 3rd 800km all flown in one year. He had one of the lowest ever co-Effient of 2.38.

SIRE GB 21 P31844 ‘Cristian’ he is from a son of Vasile X Princess.

DAM RO 17-557123 she is a full sister to Vasile.