WHU 2023 E20507 Bred by the Rhonda Rebels and this pigeon finished 10th in the Final Race and 10th Ace Pigeon.

It was also 53rd in hotspot 1, 79th in hotspot 2, 34th in hotspot, dropping with the winner and 83rd in the Semi Final

SIRE GB 21 P16191 he is the father to fed prize winners and he is bred from a son of Sagan (1 Nat Ace KBDB) X a daughter of Blue Power of Leo Heremans X Van Den Bulck

DAM WHU 16 R07844 She is the dam of prize winners with 16191 above and she is a mixture of Van Dyck, Smeulders, Frans Zwols, Vandenabeele and Brasspenning. Her father won 1st fed and 1st section National.