WHU 2023 E01628 Bred by A. Southwood & Sons, this is a super pigeon that finished 18th in the Final Race.


In the hotspots it was 91st hotspot 1, 135th hotspot 2, 4th hotspot 3 arriving with the winner and 39th in the Semi Final.

SIRE Belge 19-6145467 bred by Alex Docx. Belgium.

DAM WHU 13 K04676 bred by Dai (David) Evans for stock. Her father is a winner of 2nd National, 2nd Combine, 2nd Section Lillers and is bred from a 1st National X 6th National winners. The mother to 04676 is a 1st National Bordeaux winner 483 miles, 6th National Saintes 426 miles. She flew 900+ miles in 9 days. She also won 9th National Le Mans 295 miles, 28th National Cholet 334 miles and 34th National Lessay 185 miles winning 3 RPRA Awards.