NEHU 2023 SP3800 Bred by ‘The Caped Crusaders’ this pigeon was 14th in the Final Race and in the hotspots he finished 5th in the hotspot 1 race and actually dropped with the winner, 66th hotspot 2, 146th hotspot 3 and 50th in the Semi Final earning the title of 6th Ace Pigeon

SIRE GB 17 P07377 he is the sire and grand sire to winners and was bred by Gary Cox. His father is “Wind Breaker” and his mother is “Figorra”

Wind Breaker is from Wild Wind X Samson Girl and Figorra is from Clicky Wing X Andorra.

DAM NEHU 18 FUT 806 bred by Taylor Brothers; she is the dam and grandma to winners including 1st federation.