GB 2023 V45258 Bred by Courts & Jones this 6th placed Final Race winner was also 168th in hotspot 1, 87th in hotspot 2, 23rd in hotspot 3 dropping with the winner and 59th in the Semi Final.

SIRE WHU 15 S02356 ‘Streeter” a winner of 4 X 1st and 5 X 2nd club, 4 X 1st fed, 3 X 2nd fed, 3rd fed, 3 X 4th, 2 X 5th, 2 X 7th and 8th fed.

DAM WHU 19 A23570 a winner of 1st Section, 1st federation Swindon, 2nd club, 5th fed Newbury, 3rd club, 16th fed Cwmbran, 2nd club, 7th fed Chepstow, 4th club, 4th fed Cwmbran and 10th fed Swindon. She is bred from the lines of Wonderboy 05 and 06 of the late great Bertie Camphuis.