GB 23 C19285 Mealy Cock “Son Of The Golden Pair” He is a son of the Golden Couple and he is a grandson of Kittel and Greipel. His parents bred Fed winners with different mates but when together they produced 10 X 1st Fed winners.



GB 18 C38657 “Red Wonder” bred by Les Green; what a pigeon! He is a full brother to the cock Adrian Leach bought from Les that Adrian called “Wonder Red” that was a real top breeder but I believe this cock is even better. I have bred at least 15 X 1st Federation from him and his children. He was paired with ‘Sister Boonen’ to breed the winners for Ryan Carter and Lee Beaumont; in fact, at least 10 of Red Wonder’s Fed winners come when I had him paired with the sister of Boonen.

“Red Wonder” is a half brother to “Miss Green” the hen Mark Gilbert bought from Les and Miss Green is the mother to ‘394’ the RPRA National Sprint Champion and to 3rd Section, 7th National Guernsey; she has in fact bred many more top 15 Fed positions with up to 2,500 birds competing and she is the grandmother to 2-2-3-4-4 Fed and 14th Section E, 61st National Sigogne NFC. The father to Miss Green is Les’s “Dubbele Kittel”


His father is Belge 15-4272086 “Dubbele Kittel” he is an inbred direct son of Kittel and he is a top breeder, he is sire and grandsire to Fed, Combine, National and 1st National Ace Pigeons. He was an absolute top reproducer and the amount of winners that have now come through him is now actually hard to calculate accurately.

He is direct from the famous Kittel and his mother is a full sister to Kittel.


His mother is Belge 15-4264383 “Rode Greipel” she is another really good stock hen direct from Greipel and she is the dam and grand dam of Fed, Combine and section winners, She bred 1st Open Combine winners for Les Green and she has continued to do so every year of her breeding life. She was hand chosen from the brilliant Greipel (brother to Kittel)

Her mother is a daughter from ‘056 X 13/9983

‘056’ is a daughter from the basic pair Brother Goede Rode X 40000 Duivin and the 13/9983 is a daughter from Goede Rode.



GB 18 C38697 “Sister Boonen” she is a full sister to the 1st National Ace Sprint Pigeon All RPRA “Boonen”

This hen is probably the best pigeon I am ever likely to own. I have bred 15 X 1st Fed winners from her and her children in 5 years breeding from her.

She struck a real bond with 18 C38657 “Red Wonder” and they really are a true ‘Golden Pair’. I had them together for 2 seasons and they bred 10 X 1st Feds in total, to be honest, that shocked me when I actually did the reckoning up for my auction.

Ryan Carter raced one out of the pair winning 2 X 1st, 2 X 2nd and 1 X 3rd Fed and he believes that if one of the race points was 5 miles less it would have won the Titan Games National Ace Sprint Award and it really should have been entered into the RPRA awards.

Lee Beaumont from Barnsley loves this pair and has a son called ‘The 66’ that has won 4 X 1st Clubs, 2 X 2nd Feds, 3 X 2nd Clubs and 3rd Fed, 2 X 3rd Club and 2 X 6th & 12th Fed.


Another is ‘36’ who was only raced in 22 has won 1st Club, 2nd Fed, 2 X 2nd Club and 5th Fed and 4th Club 2 X 6th Fed.

I sent another to Adam Gaunt for the Leeds Amal Breeder Buyer and it won 2 X 1st Clubs as an old bird and 1st Fed plus other prizes.

Adam has only raced 3 birds out of him and 2 of these have won and the one that didn’t win has 4 prizes and he thinks it is the best prospect for next season.


Gary Dutton had a hen out of the sister Boonen that has 2 X 1st Feds and a high MNFC Open position; she also bred a fed winner but was unfortunately lost on a smash. Without being paired with Red Wonder, she has already bred me 7 X 1st Fed winners with different mates and that is on top of what she has bred for others.

When I go through all the fed prizes she has bred there are really to many to list. She is an unreal hen.


She is also a granddaughter of the brilliant Rossi.

Her father is NL 10-1272201 “Revanchi” the father to Boonen 1st National Ace Sprint Pigeon 2017 and to 1st Combine 3,159b, 2nd Combine bblm 2,412b, 3rd Combine bblm 3,762b, 3rd Combine bblm 1,796b, 4th Combine bblm 5,172b, 1st Fed 816b, 2nd Fed 697b bblm, 2nd 187b bblm, 2nd Fed 1,367b bblm, 3rd Fed 1,050b, 3rd Fed 1,391b, 6th Fed 843b, 6th fed 1,096b, 3rd 115b, 3rd 120b and 2nd 127b.

Revanchi was bred by Hans and Evert-Jan Eijerkamp and he was gifted to Les Green as a present fro Evert-Jan and Hans. He is a direct son of Rossi X Noralia.


Her mother is Belge 14-6117569 “Kleine Kittel Hen” bred by Stefaan Lambrechts; she is a super breeder and mother to the 1st National Ace Sprint Pigeon RPRA 2017. She is a daughter from a half brother to Kittel (Full brother Goed Rood) and her mother is a daughter from Donker Bart.