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GB 22 C70861 Cheq Hen “Vetblauwe’s Contador” she is a cracking hen and a granddaughter of Vetblauwe Jackpot.



GB 18 C38799 Cheq Cock “Brother Contador” bred by Les Green, he is a full brother to Les’ super cock “Contador” and 38799 has turned into a brilliant breeder for me, especially when I paired him to the Bulcks; he is the father to 6 X 1st Fed winners and 3 of those Fed wins come from 1 daughter ‘306’ that I bred in 2020; she won 6 X 1st Clubs, 3 X 1st Fed and 2 X 2nd Clubs BBLM and she also bred me a Fed winner.

“Contador” won

1st Club Portland                                                                   105b

1st Altrincham Fed                                                                1.050b

1st South Section                                                                   1.796b

1st Central Lancs Combine                                                   5.172b

1st club Worcester                                                                74b

1st Altrincham Fed                                                                651b

1st South Section                                                                  1.586b

1st Central Lancs Combine                                                   2.222b

2nd Club Tewkesbury behind loft mate                               213b

10th Altrincham Fed                                                             1.035b

12th South Section                                                                1.857b

41st Central Lancs Combine                                                 5.798b

1st Club Portland                                                                   100b

5th Altrincham Federation behind 4 loft mates                     893b

7th South Section                                                                   2.752b

7th Central Lancs Combine                                                   3.624b bblm

3rd Club Tewkesbury                                                             102b

5th Altrincham Fed                                                                613b

6th Central Lancs Combine                                                   3.224b bblm

4th Club Worcester behind 3 loft mates                                114b

13th Altrincham Fed                                                              1.015b

41st Central Lancs Combine                                                 2.303b

9th Club Wollaston                                                                114b

34th Altrincham Fed Hullavington                                        888b

4th Club Hullavington behind 3 loft mates                          159b


His father is Belge 14-6116441 “Bolt Cock” bred by Stefaan Lambrechts; he is a top breeder and he is a grandson from Broer Aske and Zwarte Alex. He actually bred 3 X 1st Open Combine winners for Les Green.


His mother is Belge 14-6116473 “Geshelpte Lambrechts” bred by Stefaan Lambrechts; she is the mother to Fed and Combine winners for Les Green.



NL 17 1820776 “Vetblauwe’s Roos” this hen died quite early but she left a legacy of winners behind her, I bred 3 X 1st fed winners from her in her first year and them 3 Fed winner bred 6 first fed winners between them in three years.

She was a world class hen direct from Vetblauwe Jackpot and Roos.

Vetblauwe Jackpot was one of the very best breeders at the Eijerkamp lofts and sired many top winners including 1st National Ace Yearlings. He is a son from the famous Jackpot X Kadootje.

Roos is a direct daughter of Rossi and Miss World. Roos is also the mother to “Lynn”