GB 20 X00395 Blue Cock. He is a retired racer who never actually won 1st as he was always beaten on the trap by his loft mates but he won 3rd 24b behind 2 loft mates, 6th 698b, 4th 1,081b, 6th 453b and 8th 1,242b.

He is a real character around the loft. he is a grandson of Golden Kittel, Kitt Kat, Blauwe Beertje and Goede Rooie.



GB 18 C38654 Blue Cock “Double Kittel 54” one of my best from Les and One that I was really reluctant to let go. He is a special pigeon direct from what Les considered to be his No1 paring of v/d Bulcks. He is direct from Golden Kittel X Kitt-Kat.

This cock has bred a lot of prizewinners and then I loaned him to Richy Turner for 2 years because he has helped me a lot and he is a good friend. Rich had him paired with one of his own hens and together they bred winners for him and them winners are now also breeding winners for Rich.

Rich gave me some from the same pair and for me they have won 1st 1,237b 1st 892b, 2nd 604b, 2nd 604b, 2nd 450 bblm, 3rd 180b, 4th 202b, 5th 390b bblm, 6th 820b bblm, 8th 1,241b and 9th 1,241b.


The pairing of Golden Kittel and Kitt Kat have bred 1st National Ace Pigeons in different countries and countless Fed and Combine winners for so many different fanciers. One brother bred 5 fed winners in the midlands in 2 seasons.


His father is Belge 15-4264386 “Golden Kittel” a son of “Kittel X New Golden Lady” Golden Kittel is one of the most iconic sons of Kittel to ever come into the UK. He has left a legacy of children and grandchildren that will continue to breed winners for generations. Since he was sold to China in 2019, his children have produced winners galore in all corners of Europe including 1st National Ace Pigeons in Poland against 45,000 fanciers and 1st National Ace Pigeon in the UK. He was a once in a lifetime pigeon, which shown in the auction, as he was the highest priced pigeon at £20,000.


His mother is Belge 15-4264396 “Kitt Kat” the brilliant daughter from Kittel and dam to Fed winners for Les Green. She was sold in his PIPA auction and she has produced world class offspring all over the UK, Ireland and Poland.

She is direct from Kittel X a daughter of the “Supersprint 979”



GB 18 C28674 “Glamour Girl” she is another direct daughter of one of the very best couples at Les Greens lofts; she is direct off Blauwe Beertje X Goede Rooie and she is a full sister to “Rooie Appie”

This hen has bred multiple winners from her very first nest. In 3 years breeding she bred 1st 1,325b’ 1st 1,182b, 1st 1,069b, 1st 808b, 1st 689b, 2nd 1,242b, 2nd 972b, 2nd 755b, 3rd 1,200b and 3rd 968b.


She is a sister to my super hen “GB 17 C49226 “My Blauwe Bertje Hen” I doubt if I would ever own a better hen than this one, she was bred by Les Green from an outstanding pair of Direct Van Den Bulcks. Her mother was paired with the famed Goede Rode such was her quality. Dirk actually wanted this hen back as she was also a half sister to his wonder cock “Olympic Kittel 006”

49226 is responsible for 37 Fed winners and she was one of the very first pigeons I bought from Les. He had actually put her to one side for his own breeding loft but he let us take her.


Her father is Belge 11-6191733 “Blauwe Beertje” bred by Dirk Van Den Bulk and he is a direct son from Brother Goede Rode X 40000 Hen


Her mother is Belge 15-6208748 “Goede Rooie” she was also bred by Dirk Van den Bulck and she is direct from a brother to Kittel X his wonder breeding hen that is also mother to Olympic Kittel 006.

It is impossible to get them any better bred than this hen.