GB 21 L15078 Blue bred from 2 of the top established breeders in the loft.
SIRE NL 17-1575737 “Billy” he is the father to “Classy Lady” 1st Open NW Classic
Club winning over £1300, “Jenna” 1st Fed Cheltenham, 1st Fed Mangotsfield and 3rd
Fed Yeovil behind 2 loft mates. He bred them both while paired with Lola.
DAM NL 17-1575637 “Danar” she is certainly classed as one of the best breeding
hens; she has produced a number of the lofts top racers in a very short time and her
children have won 2nd Fed Mangotsfield, 2nd Fed Cheltenham, 3rd Fed Yeovil and

5th Fed Worcester and each time they were only best by loft mates. ‘Danar’ is bred
from ‘Son Of Mr Sens’ & ‘Daughter Lance’