23 E-37570 Cheq Cock “Homebird 570” he is inbred to the brilliant ‘Mysterio’ on his father’s side and he is inbred to the ultra racer-breeder ‘Best Kittel’ on his mothers side. His father is a double grandson of Mysterio and his mother is a double granddaughter of Best Kittel.

SIRE 21 C45622 he is a son of the No1 stock cock and he is father to 2 young birds in 2022 that won 1st Fed & 3rd Fed. His father is “Super Gerrie” and he has bred 13 individual 1st prize winners and numerous Fed and National prize winners including 6 X 1st Fed winners. He was bought from Dave Atkins, direct from Mysterio and Pure Class.

The mother to 45622 is dam to 7 first winners and she is a daughter from Mysterio X Bonnie Lass. Bonnie Lass has bred 8 first Fed winners and a 1st Breeder/Buyer winner.


DAM 21 C40827 ‘Homebird’ from Les Green; she is a double granddaughter of Best Kittel, her father is ‘BK525’ bred from Best Kittel X Shakira, considered by many as the best pairing and her mother is from Best Kittel X his own half sister and granddaughter as she is direct from Junior X Mother Best Kittel. BK 525 is the father to 2 winners in 2022 for Les Green. ‘Homebird’ was a hen Les really wanted to keep for himself, hence her name ‘Homebird’ she has already started to produce right from her first nest; she is the mother to 2nd Welsh Grand National beat by a loft mate and she bred 2nd & 4th Rhonda Valley Fed both times beat by loft mates.