GB 23 V63404 Blue Pied Cock “Gully” from “In Memory Lofts” of Bentley & Cuthbert. A nest pair the same way bred as ‘Gully’ went to the RPRA OLR and POTP OLR in 2021 and both made the Final Race, the RPRA one finished 11th Ace Pigeon and was bought to go into the yearling race where it won 8th Ace Pigeon.

‘Gully’ finished 156th Open Grand Final.

SIRE GB 16 A13189 he has won on the road and was often beat just by his lof mates for the first prize. The owner moved address and so kept him for stock as he is such a lovely pigeon.

DAM GB 16 A13220 she is a Busschaert hen from the lines of Tom Larkins but her parents come from C. Booth of Rocket Lofts, who had the best of the Busschaerts.