Auction lot

GB 23 C59063 Cheq Pied Cock “Adam” entered by A. Wealthall & Son he won 152th Open Grand Final.

SIRE GB 22 B64570 he was bred for stock from one of the best race cocks and he is a full brother to ‘Grizzly Bear’ the winner of 2nd UK in 2018. His father’s wins are 1st club 125b, 1st club 356b, 1st club 214b and 6th club to 5 loft mates’ 150b, 1st Fed 2,187b, 4th Fed 1,224b, 7th Fed 3,456b and 15th Fed 1,428b. The mother to 64570 also won 1st Wolverhampton Fed against 2,100 birds.

DAM GB 22 B64548 she is bred from all the best Lambrechts blood, her father is ‘Champion Conan’ who dropped 5 times to win the Worcester Fed but was beat on the trap by loft mates on 3 occasions, winning 2 X 1st Fed himself. The mother to 64548 is the mother to 1st prize winners.