GB 23 A57444 Cheq Cock “Tad T” he was 50th Open Grand Final.

SIRE NL 19 1025138 Van Oss & Son he is a full brother to “Kayla” the 1st Ace Pigeon Young Birds Bcc and 8th National Ace Pigeon NPO.

DAM GB 15 X15416 Jan Hooymans, she is a granddaughter of the world famous Hooymans super cock “Harry” and she is the mother and grandmother to 1st prize winners. 1st Final of the WDW One Loft Race Falaise 293 miles and 1st section, 3rd Open MNFC Carentan 2,002b. Her father is “Fontwell Flash Harry” a direct son of Harry X Daughter Davinci and her mother is “Fontwell Harriet” from Carlos X Inbred daughter of Harry.