WHU 23 E32330 This is a super pigeon that finished 2nd Open Grand Final and it is bred from a super mother.

SIRE IHU 22 S009784 this cock was bought from the 2022 Who Dares Wins Auction having been consistent throughout the programme but there was no details supplied by the owner.

DAM IHU 22 S133596 bred by Curran & Rush from Dublin; she is from 2 direct Vermeerbergen – Wilms pigeons. Her father is “Bjorn Ironside” and he sired the 2nd place winner in the RPRA OLR against 730b from 104km, he also sired 1st 379b 304km, 2nd 9,641b 304km, 7th 9,000b 194km, 13th 10,142b 304km, 4th 181b, 56th 5,662b, 3rd 260b, 4th 146b and 4th 113b he is from a son of the 2 Nat Ace KBDB winner X a sister to the 2nd Nat Ace KBDB winner. The mother to 133596 is “Dark Ivy” she is a granddaughter of “Best Kittel” being bred from a direct son of Best Kittel X a sister to the 2nd National Ace KBDB winner.