GB 22 B34179 Blue Hen “Gem 79” she is a granddaughter of Macaloney’s Caesar, Vision 1772 and the brilliant 63 Hen.

SIRE 21 V73841 “Prince Caesar” he is direct from the super couple Caesar X Vision 1772. He is the father to 3rd section 1,005b, 26th Open NIPA 12,555b and he is a brother to 1st Fed 501b, 2nd Fed 6,141b, 6th Fed 3,794b, 15th Fed 5,109b and 16th Fed 3,216b.

DAM 17 B27663 “663” a super racer and a winner of 1st section Barleycove OB National 2019 and 13th Open NIPA 4,039b, 18th Open NIPA 22,369b, 19th Open NIPA 22,899b, 19th Open NIPA 3,464b, 35th Open NIPA 11,014b, 60th Open NIPA 6,013b also 1st section, 12th, 13th, 14th and 16th section. “663” is a daughter from ‘Kev 95 X 63 Hen’