GB 22 B 34181 Blue Cock “Camaro” he is quite possibly and arguably the best in the auction; he is direct from Mascara X The 97 Hen.

SIRE 15 B27686 “Mascara” the super racer/breeder’ He won 1st Fed 1,697b, 1st Fed 1,511b, 3rd Fed 1,341b, 4th Fed 564b, 2 X 1st Section G NIPA and he is the father to 3rd Open NIPA 22,639b, 8th Open NIPA 21,931b, 9th Open NIPA 22,899b, 18th National NIPA 2,128b, 24th and 28th Open NIPA 23,000b. He also sired the ‘639’ a winner of NIPA Section YB of the Year 2019 and 2nd, 6th, 17th and 18th section, 18th National Skibereen. The parents to ‘Mascara’ are ‘Hardly and Perfect Wonder’

DAM 16 B07997 “The 97 Hen” the ‘Superbreeder’ of 1st Open NIPA 22,210, 2nd Open NIPA 18,313b, 3rd Open NIPA 16,509b, 8th Open NIPA 6,013b, 10th Open NIPA 1,005b, 18th National NIPA 2,128b, 1st section 3,138b, 1st section 2,869b, 2nd section 1,586b and 7th section 1,009b. She is a half sister to ‘Moviestar’ the winner of 1st Open NIPA 20,042b

8th Open NIPA 21,265b

8th Open NIPA 1,194b

15th Open NIPA 14,868b

134th Open NIPA2.980b

152nd Open NIPA 5.902b

He has also won

1st 2,600b

1st 1,619b

1st 520b and 3rd 322b, 3rd 647b, 4th 204b, 6th 741b and 7th 2.992b. The 97 Hen is bred from the brilliant ’63 Hen’