GB 23 B19237 Cheq Hen “Lady Silk” she is a sister to lot 8 and a really special young hen.


SIRE 15 B27686 “Mascara” the super racer/breeder’ He won 1st Fed 1,697b, 1st Fed 1,511b, 3rd Fed 1,341b, 4th Fed 564b, 2 X 1st Section G NIPA.


‘Mascara’ is also the father to 3rd Open NIPA 22,639b, 8th Open NIPA 21,931b, 9th Open NIPA 22,899b, 18th National NIPA 2,128b and 24th and 28th Open NIPA 23,000b. He also sired the ‘639’ a winner of NIPA Section YB of the Year 2019 and 2nd, 6th, 17th and 18th section, 18th National Skibereen. The parents to ‘Mascara’ are ‘Hardly and Perfect Wonder’


DAM Belg 21-6032244 “Miss Vervoort” bred by Luc Vervoort and bought at his auction in Blackpool in January, this young hen has already shown her potential by breeding ‘‘Hyper’ this years NIPA Section ‘Bird Of The Year’ award winner and she is also mother to 2nd Open NIPA 17,066b BBLM, 8th Open NIPA 17,233b, 13th Open NIPA 855b (5-bird), 23rd Open NIPA 8,977b, 26th North Section INFC Skibbereen, 35th Open NIPA 17,066 and 1st Section G NIPA Fermay 5-bird.


Miss Vervoort is also mother to 1st 153b, 4th 545b, 13th 904b, 17th 904b, 18th 276b, 19th 1.973b, 25th 544b, 29th 504b, 29th 268b and 39th 1,005b; she also bred 222nd against 12,555b. ‘Miss Vervoort’ is a daughter of Miss 100/100 who flew the group of 100/100 races last year and won the 29th prize against 1.105 pigeons, 14th prize of 383 pigeons on the RVB itself, she also flew in the round on 25th September a 42nd against 1.440 pigeons. The 100/100 is a series of races where we do not know the liberation point or direction of liberation until after they are released. The pigeons have to really think for themselves as they race from all points of the compass. The father to Miss Vervoort is a grandson from the Kareltje X Godelief super couple.