GB 23 B19213 Cheq Hen “Image” another superb offer; ashe is bred from 2 really well established winners and breeders of winners. Her father won 1st Open NIPA against 22,210 birds and her mother won 1st National NIPA Rosscarbery OB National against 5,373b


SIRE 18 B24695 “Superstar Seamie’ A winner of 1st Open NIPA 22,210b against an incredible 820 members! He also won 1st section 3,183b and 1st Fed 2,178b. He is also a full brother to the winners of 2nd Open NIPA 18,313b, 3rd Open NIPA 16,509b, 8th Open NIPA 6,013b, 9th Open NIPA 7,893b, 10th Open NIPA 5,012b, 10th Open NIPA 1,005b and 18th National 2,128b; he is also brother to “Natural Speed’ the 2021 NIPA young bird of the year award winner.

Superstar Seamie’ is a son from ‘The 66 and The 97 Hen’


DAM 15-B27668 “Class Act” she won 1st National NIPA Rosscarbery OB National when 533 members sent 5,373b, she is the mother to ‘651’ a winner of 6th Open NIPA 21,931b, 19th Open NIPA Talbenny YB National and section YB of the Year. Class Act is also the grandmother to ‘639’ NIPA section YB of the year in 2019 and 2nd, 6th, 17th and 18th section; she is also grandmother ‘721’ winner of 3rd Open NIPA 22,639b in 2020.

‘Class Act’ is a daughter of Black Caviar (Owen Markey’s) X Class Lass.