IHU 22 S139288 Cock “Cream Of Ruby” bred by Sean Hunt of Dublin, he is a brother to ‘Treble 1’ ISRF 2nd Best Old Birs winning 1st club, 6th Fed 10,313b, 1st club, 10th Fed 3,319b and 1st club, 10th Fed 9,200b. This cock could have bred a fed winner this year as his youngster dropped with the fed winner and was just beaten on the trap by his loft mate.


SIRE IHU 20 S139112 “Cream Rises”

He is a grandson of De Raket and a winner of 4th Best YB of the ISRF winning 1st 6,136b, 1st 406b, 2nd 491b, 6th 5,288b, 6th 1,042b and 55th 10,170b. ‘Cream Rises’ is a son from Mickey X Maxine.

Mickey is a full brother to the pigeon we have in this sale IHU 17 S139296 Blue Pied Hen “Rocketje” from The Rocket X Harry’s Hen.


Maxine is an inbred daughter of Maximus. She is direct from Maximus when he was coupled with his own daughter X Olympic Jewel.


DAM IHU 19 S139452 she is the mother to ‘083’ a winner of 1st 263b, 5th 3,935b, 41st 5,662b and 84th 8,941b. 139452 is a daughter from “Trigger” the ISRF Champion YB and Meritorious Award winner and the Sarsfield Champion YB; he is direct from The Rocket X Harry’s Hen. The mother to 139452 is ‘Ruby Roo’ the IHU, Southern Region Champion Old Bird 2016, ISRF Champion OB 2016 winning 1st Fed 9,324b, 1st 396b, 2nd 420b, 3rd 5,498b, 4th 613b, 8th 7,954b, 3rd 369b and 13th 4,547b; she is a daughter from Mojo X Ruby.