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GB 22 S79479 Blue WF Cock “Double Kittel” he is a double grandson of Kittel and he is also a half brother to Paul Macaloney’s “Top Gun Kittel” being off the same mother.

This young cock is very special!


SIRE Belge 19-4213903 “Kittel Image” he is a direct son of Kittel, the 2013 1st National Ace Sprint Champion KBDB and world famous breeding icon.

The mother to Kittels Image is a granddaughter of Kittel, she comes from Blauwe Beer X a daughter of Kittel & Gilberta Supreme.


DAM Belge 19-4213904 “Blauwe Kittel” she is a direct daughter from Kittel X Blauwe Beer 271, which is a daughter of the base couple Brother Goede Rode X 40000.

She is the mother to ‘Top Gun Kittel’ the SHU Ace Bird Of The Year up to 300 miles, winning 1st Fed 5,391b, 1st Fed 2,462b, 1st Fed 1,509b, 1st 747b, 1st 624b, 1st 201b, 4th 572b, 9th 643b, 10th 1,408b, 15th 1,005b, 15th 2,001b, 18th 1,160b, 24th 5,072b and 31st 3,447b.