GB 22 C81080 Blue Cock “More Caviar” he is a double cross of the Dream Pair and Double Vision/Blue Caviar of G W & P Macaloney.


SIRE SU 17-10000 “Mr Ten Thousand” he is a direct son from the National winner “Double Vision” X Blue Caviar.

Double Vision won 1st National 4,170b, 1st Fed 885b, 9th Fed 3,004b and 19th Fed 5,136b. Double Vision is from Brian Johnsons ‘Bolt’ X Rossi Lass’

Blue Caviar is one of the best hens of the Macaloney family, she has won and is responsible for massive winners all over the world.


DAM GB 20 P34417 “Blue Pied Caviar” she is a direct daughter from Double Vision X Blue Caviar and so a full sister to the sire of ‘More Caviar’