GB20X 44618 direct of the perfect pairing “Demolition Man X Queen B


Sire Demolition Man:


Superstar Ace Pigeon


The kind of racing pigeon we all dream of , outstanding at winning , absolutely feather perfect and a silk in the hands. One of the best Pigeons in the sale !!
his racing CV not many can match , from 77 to 277 miles four times on the Trap to top Massive liberations. Retired in only 2021 look at his immediate impact as a breeder, the sky is the limit for The Demolition Man


Winner of

L.S.C ACE Bird 2020

1st  Federation  4,225 birds

1st  Federation  2,960 birds

2nd Federation  5,697 birds (BBLM)

2nd Federation 2,462 birds (BBLM)

8th   Federation 6,141 birds

17th Federation 3,447 birds

25th Federation 5,743 birds

25th Federation    791 birds

26th Federation 2,004 birds

29th Federation 2,542 birds

47th Federation 3,325 birds

64th Federation 1,993 birds

66th Federation 5,391 birds


Sire & Gsire to

4th Open NIPA 15,032 birds

10th Open NIPA 10,524 birds

18th Open NIPA 14,023 birds

52nd Federation 2,881 birds

82nd Federation 2,349 birds
Dam Queen B:

“QUEEN B” BELG19 6096765

Superstar Racing  Hen


Part of a 2019 race kit , QUEEN B Quicly made her presence felt, A Super racing hen who was 4 times on the trap to top the complete convoy and 2 x1st Federation Out right, tested out to 347 miles National racing she gain the LSC ACE Pigeon Title. Now Rapidly becoming and awesome breeder, her offspring breeeing well  in the lofts of Gwp macaloney, Owen Markey, Jimmy Newall to name but a Few. This hen is a serious investment


LSC ACE Pigeon 2021

winner of

1st Federation 2,004 birds
1st Federation    791 birds
1st Section 824 birds
1st Section 268 birds
3rd Federation 1,585 birds (BBLM)
3rd Section 399 birds (BBLM)
4th Section 1,073 birds
6th Federation 5,109 birds
6th Federation    890 birds (BBLM
6th Section 378 birds (BBLM)
9th Federation 5,351 birds
9TH Section 1,535 birds
10th Section 607 birds
10th Section 180 birds
17th Federation 1,549 birds
20th Federation 444 birds
22nd Federation 5,743 birds
55th Open National  SNFC  1,152 birds


already Dam &Gdam of

1st Section MNFC
4th Open NIPA 15.032 birds
4th Federation 3,678 birds
9th Amalgamation
10th Open NIPA 10,524 birds
11th Amalgamation
18th Open NIPA 14,023 birds
18th Amalgamation
29th Federation 2,104 birds
42nd Federation 4,137 birds
58th Federation 2,947 birds