GB20P 34387 “Only Camelot” perfect Blue White Flight direct of “Camelot X One & Only”


Sire Camelot:

World Class Breeding Cock. Number 1 Mac Cocks.


1st West Section 885

11th SNFC Ypres 2,320

1st Fed 4,641

1st Fed 1,760

1st Fed 730

1st Fed 426

2nd Fed 4,641

2nd Fed 4,433

2nd Fed 3,430

2nd Fed 2,287

2nd Fed 890

3rd Fed 5,076

3rd Fed 4,617

3rd Fed 4,433

DAM One & Only:

“ONE&ONLY” SU19 1931

Star Breeding Hen

Champion breeding hen , she has produced offspring to breed winner in Scotland , Ireland, England, USA and Belgium, as the name suggests she is one of a kind, a winner as a YB she has went on to be one of the best macaloney breeders, direct daughter of champion SECRETARIAT. One season from a hen  like this can found a generation


1st Federation 5,351 birds
1st Federation    890 birds
2nd Antwerp Union 3,509 birds
2nd Federation 2,004 birdsd (BBLM)
2nd Federation    791 birds (BBLM)
2nd Federation 5,072 birds (BBLM)
3rd Federation 4,525 birds
3rd Federation 4,097 birds (BBLM)
7th National KBDB Chateauroux 15,332 birds
7th Open NIPA 9,425 birds
7th Federation 1,257 birds
8th Federation  3,330 birds
8th Federation       961 birds
10th Open NIPA 10,524 birds
11th Federation 1,674 birds
11th Federation    768 birds
14th Open NIPA 17,066 birds
16th Federation 5,697 birds
17th Open NIPA 9,425 birds
17th Federation 5,743 birds
17th Federation 3,440 birds
18th Open NIPA 14,203 birds
20th Federation 5,391 birds
22nd Federation 2.501 birds
23rd Federation    444 birds
24th  Federation 3,678 birds
26th Federation 5,743 birds
32nd Federation 3,447 birds
33rd Federation    924 birds
52nd Federation 2,881 birds
83rd Open  NIPA 8,308 birds
92nd Federation 2,960 birds