GB 20 N22412 Cheq Cock “Junior Jef” he is a grandson of both 1st International Barcelona winners and both famous pigeons, namely Jef and Lloyd. There are 4 recent Barcelona International winners in this cocks immediate ancestry.


SIRE NL 19-3950245 bred by Hugo Batenburg and a direct son of “Jef”

The 1st International winner bought in conjunction with PEC & Hugo Batenburg. Jef won 1st International Barcelona 16.051b in 2019 at a speed of only 943mpm from a distance of 1.083km and he won it by a clear hour and a half. He is the 1st Ace Pigeon Extreme Long Distance and 3rd Extreme Long Distance KBDB. He has also won 35th National Perpignan, 81st National St Vincent, 287th National Jarnac and 391st National Cahors. He was bred and raced by Jeroen & Stijn Rans


Jef was coupled with a daughter from New Laureaat X Daughter of The Special One. The breeding in this cock to put it quite simply is just world class.


DAM NL 19-1651226 “Miss Lloyd” she was bred by Hugo Batenburg and she is a direct daughter from “Lloyd” X a daughter of “The Special One”

‘Lloyd’ won 1st National 7,429b, 1st International Barcelona 15,707b in 2018 and he was the Golden Wing Winner.


The Special One won 1st International Barcelona International against 19,083b