GB 20 V83323 Blue W/F Hen “G/D Best Kittel” This hen will prove to be a top breeding hen; she is a mixture of Greipel X Best Kittel lines; a recipe for total success especially in the One Loft Races. She is a granddaughter of Greipel and of granddaughter of Best Kittel. Best Kittel was 1st & 4th National Ace KBDB sprint Champion in 2016 and 2017 and he is father to a dynasty of 1st National KBDB champions over the last 6 seasons plus International One Loft Race Winners. Best Kittel sired Junior who was 2nd National Ace KBDB Sprint 2018, Junior sired “Junior II” 4th National Ace KBDB Sprint 2021, Best Kittel also sired Best Kittel II, winner 1st National Ace KBDB in 2020, Best Kittel II sired Grizzle Best Kittel that won 2nd National Ace KBDB Sprint 2022 only behind his loft mate that was bred from a brother to Best Kittel.


SIRE Belge 17-4246495 “Dynamic Greipel” he is a top breeding son of Greipel X Blauwe Beer 272. Dynamic Greipel is the breeder of the following

  1. Federation Ace Bird
  2. Federation 3.212b
  3. Federation 2.405b
  4. Federation 2.440b
  5. Federation 634b
  6. Federation 2.157b
  7. Federation 1.252b
  8. Federation 1.537b
  9. Federation 2.121b
  10. National IHUNFC 730b
  11. Federation 2.823b
  12. Federation 1.874b
  13. I.N.F.C. 1.555b
  14. Federation 1.131b
  15. Federation 3.375b
  16. Federation 1.782b
  17. I.N.F.C 3.034b and 20 X 1st prize winners. Blauwe Beer 272 is a daughter of the basic pair Brother Goede Rode (992) and Golden Leo 40000.

DAM Belg 19 4130247 ‘Dynamic Best Kittel’ she is a full sister to Best Kittel II, the 1st National Ace KBDB Sprint Champion 2020 and father to ‘Grizzle Best Kittel’, which was 2nd Nat Ace KBDB Sprint 2022 only to his own loft mate. Best Kittel II is a son from Best Kittel X Sister Rosita. Dynamic Best Kittel is the mother to 5th & 6th National INFC behind 4 loft mate’s 1,555b, 11th Fed to loft mates 1.782b and 17th Fed 1,265b.