WHU 22D36404 Cheq Cock, he is a grandson of the famous “Blauw Leo”
SIRE Belge 13-6139286 bred by Patrick Boeckx, he is the half brother to the father
of ‘Sagan’ the 1st Nat Ace KBDB Sprint 2013. He is the direct son of Blauwe Leo
and his mother is a daughter of Goede Rode X Pithivierske 9998 and so a sister to the
grandmother of Sagan. He has sired 1st National, 1st Combine and 4 X 1st
Federation. He has been one of the back-bones of the Derek Flowers breeding loft. He
is bred from Belge 06-6148378 ‘Blauw Leo’ a grandson of Olympiade 003 and the
father to the wonder hens Golden Leo 9999, ‘40000 Duivin’ and Pithivierske 9998’
The mother to 13/286 is 12-6254004 bred by Dirk Van Den Bulck from Goede Rode
X Pithivierske 9998, which is in fact a daughter from Blauw Leo. She is a sister to the
grandmother of Sagan and she is a half sister to Kittel, Greipel & a full sister Goed
DAM NL 12-1056500 “The 500 Hen” this hen has bred 1st National, 1st Combine
Maidstone 8,502b and 5 X 2nd National winners when 3 of them were only beaten by
loft mates and she is the mother to 5 X 2nd Combine winners. She is a Sister to the
mother of JoJo National winners. The 500 Hen is bred from a son of Olympiade 003
& Sissy X “Beauty” which is a full sister to De Jan.