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GB 23 N11013 “Direct Arrow” THE WINNER bred by Alan Parker of Clitheroe and entered by the Cathy’s Friends Syndicate “Direct Arrow” was the winner of 1st in the final race and 19th Ace Pigeon overall, winning 47th Hotspot 1, 52nd Hotspot 2 and 58th Hotspot 3. ‘Direct Arrow’ is bred from fantastic distance lines from Alan Parker of Clitheroe combined with Jelle Jellema and Mark Gilbert lines.


SIRE 01485-15-370 he is a super distance cock owned by Alan Parker; his father is 05/502 inbred to the good breeder and he is father to 11th National Barcelona and grandfather to 1st International Tarbes. Both parents to 05/502 come from Cees de Jong.

The mother to 15-370 is 09/547 and she is a daughter from ‘Asduif Barcelona X Daughter Primus 321.


09-547 is the mother to 139th National Bourges, 66th National Cahors, 78th National Barcelona, 24th National Narbonne, 7th National Ace Pigeon, 49th National Cahors, 213th National Bourges, 63rd National Cahors, 27th National Barcelona and 36th National Marseille.


‘Asduif Barcelona’ is the winner of 4th National Barcelona. 10th National Barcelona, 43rd National Barcelona, 97th National Barcelona, 23rd National Perpignan, 170th National Perpignan’ 205th National Perpignan and he was the 3rd International Ace Pigeon in 2007-2009 and 5th International Pigeon in 2006-2008. He was also the Olympiad Pigeon for 2009.


“Daughter Primus 321” is the mother to 5th National Barcelona, 13th National Barcelona, 55th National Barcelona, 69th National Barcelona and 1st International Ace Pigeon 2006-2008.


DAM GB 19 N73466 she is bred from the lines of Jelle Jellema and Mark Gilbert.

Her father was bred by Jelle Jellema from a son of  “Jack X Dafne”.


“Jack” won 6th National St Vincent, 35th National Perpignan, 113th National Perpignan, 127th National Perpignan, 136th National Barcelona, 148th National Aurillac, 164th National St Vincent, 199th National Limoges and 317th National Barcelona.


“Dafne” was the winner of 3rd National Perpignan, 85th National Pau, 1st Pau Fiante 376b, 258th National Agen and 390th National Marseille. Dafne comes out of ‘New Jade 1 X a daughter Silvie & Orion.


The mother to 73466 is 18 V94897 bred by Mark Gilbert from the best of his distance lines. Her father is a son of Zeus X Evi and her mother is from New Jade 1 X Kleine Jade. Kleine Jade is mother to New Jade 1 and she is the winner of 1st International Barcelona.