GB 23 A52514 Blue Hen “Blue National Carrie” she is a smart young hen that is bred down from the very best lines of the Mark Evans family. She is a granddaughter of National Cock, New Carrie, Vintage Black and Sky Blue.

SIRE 21 A30325 Blue Cock “National Carrie Cock” Bred by Mark Evans. He is a direct son from the superb racer/breeder ‘The National Cock” who is inbred to the world famous breeding pair Jester.

The mother to A30325 is  “New Carrie” a direct daughter from ‘New Bandiet and National Carrie’ New Carrie is the mother to winners from her very first nest.

DAM A30289 Blue Hen “Black & Blue” Bred by Mark Evans; she is an absolute cracking hen, good feathering and a terrific eye; she is a granddaughter of Shadow’s Image, Dream Girl, Sky Fall & Lady Flash. Her parents are Vintage Black & Sky Blue. “Vintage Black” he is a direct son of 2 first National winners’ Shadows Image and Dream Girl. “Sky Blue” is direct from the super pair Sky Fall and Lady Flash.