GB 23 A52501 Blue Cock “Golden Bob” a fabulous young cock that is maturing into a real specimen. He is a grandson of 4 top pigeons, namely Bob De Batt, Halles Hero, Golden One and Golden Lady 615.

SIRE GB 22 D75469 “Batt Of Gold” bred by Mark Evans the cock that we believe will found a loft on his own, he is magnificent in every way and his breeding just underlines the fact that he is destined to become a golden breeder. He is a direct son of Bob De Batt & Golden One. It’s impossible to go to Mark’s loft and purchase anything better than this cock, equal to him maybe, but better is simply not possible; he is as good as they come. He was hand picked by Mark to be something special. He is a brother and half brother to many of Mark’s own top breeders of today!

DAM 21 A30178 Chequer Hen “Halles Legacy” this hen is another direct from Mark Evans and she is bred from the cream of his family. She is a direct daughter of a 4 X 1st National winner “Halles Hero” the racing machine from South Wales, bred and raced by Scammell & Peploe he is a winner of 4 X 1st National.

1st Welsh National Nort Sur Edre 2015, 1st Welsh National Saintes 2016, 1st Welsh National Bergerac 2016 and 1st Welsh South Road national Saintes in 2016. He also won 5th Welsh National Bergerac in 2016 and the W.S.R.National Cup. The mother to “Halles Legacy” is Golden Lady 615 bred from New Shadow X Old 88.