GB 23 A52491 Blue Cock “Cruiser Batt” What a really smart young cock he is; he is a grandson of Cruise Missile, Alisa Joy, Bob De Batt and Angeline. How can he possibly fail?

SIRE 18 Z80457 “Cruiser Weight” Bred by Mark Evans; he is the father to 4 different winners for Mark Evans and father to winners for Bob Short including 3 separate 1st Fed winners. He is bred from Cruise Missile X Alisa Joy.

DAM 20 P41607 Dark Cheq Hen “Batt Out Of Hell” she is believed to be one of the only hens ever let go from Bob De Batt as Mark does not get many hens from him and would normally keep them for his own breeding loft. She is direct from Bopb De Batt and Angelina. “Bob De Batt” is the legendary super breeder within the Mark Evans lofts; he is father and grandfather to over 100 first prize winners including 4 X 1st Nationals, 3 X 2nd National up to and over 9,000 birds competing. They include 1st BICC National Tours (a direct son), 1st BICC National Guernsey (Direct Daughter) 1st BICC National Le Mans (Direct daughter) 1st BICC National Guernsey (granddaughter) 2nd BICC National Le Mans (granddaughter) 2nd BICC National Guernsey (granddaughter) 2nd NFC Fougeres (granddaughter) 3rd BICC National Guernsey (Direct Daughter), 4th BICC National Guernsey (Direct Daughter), 5th BICC National Guernsey (Direct Daughter), 6th BICC National Guernsey (granddaughter), plus many more top 50 positions in National races. Bob De Batt is the father to “Shadows Image” a winner of 1st BICC 4.171b, and to “Lady 100” 1st BICC Guernsey 1.317b beating the total liberation of 3,954b and to “No Regrets” 1st BICC Le Mans 2,693b. In 2021 on of the daughters of Bob De Batt bred the 1st Scottish National and 1st National Ace Middle Distance Pigeon Titan Games, a competition open to all fanciers in England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland for Eadie & Kelly. Bob De Batt is the last son ever bred from the Immortal “Shadow” when paired with his own granddaughter ‘Golden Black”

“Angelina” a full sister to “Lola Young” and she is direct from the super breeder ‘Strain Maker” father and grandfather to over 100 X 1st winners; he is direct father to 34 pigeons that have won 1st federation or that have bred 1st federation.