GB 22 D75584 Blue Cock “Diamond Blue” Bred by Mark Evans; he is bred from two proven breeders. Both parents have bred 1st prize winners when paired together and when paired with different mates. He is bred from super bloodlines on both sides of his pedigree.

SIRE 19 D44433 “Dutch Diamond” he is a direct son of the super breeding pair ‘National Cock X Koen 7 Hen’ this pair are responsible for 4 generations of winners through to National level including breeding 4 X 1st National section winners between them. Koen 7 Hen is the current No1 hen at Myrtle lofts and she has bred 3 X 1st National section winners and she is a Half sister to Koen Minderhouds super cock ‘Geeloger’


DAM 19 D44436 “Golden One” she is a direct daughter from two of the best M & D Evans pigeons of all time namely ‘Strain Maker X Golden Opportunity’ Strain Maker is father and grandfather to over 100 X 1st winners; he is also direct father to 34 pigeons that have won 1st federation or that have bred 1st federation. Strain Maker is from Bennetton X Garbo and is inbred to the one and only ‘Kleinen”.

Golden Opportunity is mother to over 60 X 1st winners and 1st Classic Le mans 3,211b, 2nd National Poitiers 5,981b 2nd National Tours 6,832b, 3rd National Alencon 5,976b and 3rd National Agen 4,004b, 5th National Falaise 8,673b, 6th National Falaise 8,673b, 8th National Alencon 6,443b.