Auction summary

Welsh Elite one loft

The Welsh Elite One Loft Race is a newly formed One Loft Race in
the heart of The South Wales Valleys. This race promised and
delivered in the first year that every winner would be receive
payment on the day of the result. Over a series of 3 Hotspot races a
Semi-final and Final Race a total of approximately £45,000 was paid
out in prizes and Pools within hours of clocking. The overwhelming
pledges of support following the final has prompted the race owner,
Tennyson Tipper to expand and double the loft size to accommodate
1,000 entries for 2024. These birds on offer in this auction have been
truly tested and went through the race programme from 56 miles
through to 195 miles in just 28 days. Hotspot 1 was from 56 miles,
Hotspot 2 was from a distance of 72 miles and Hotspot 3 was 95 miles
and the Semi final was 140 miles with the final being a distance of
195 miles. As we look forward to 2024 out motto will remain the
same. Instant pay out on all races, no delay, it’s not our way. Thanks
for all the support and we look forward to serving you all the same service in 2024.

Ends: 24 September 2023 18:00