GB 20 N56590 “New Harriet’ Blue Hen. A beautiful hen bred from the full brother to Harriet. Just like Harriet, she is a very tame hen that shows great intelligence. She is a half sister to the winner of 3rd RPRA hotspot 2 race and 2nd Algarve Great Derby Hotspot 1 this year.
Her father is from “Cheq Bulck Cock X Inbred Kittel. Inbred Kittel is the mother to UK Kittel The 1st National Ace Sprint Pigeon all RPRA 2019 and he is the father to the European Masters One Loft race winner in 2021. Her mother is from Dubbele Kittel X Goed Rooie. Dubbele Kittel is a top breeding son of Kittel when Kittel was paired with his full sister. The RPRA Sprint Award winner 2021 on the new Co-efficient basis is bred from a direct child of Dubbele Kittel. Goed Rooie was bred by Dirk and she is a half sister to the super star Olympic Kittel 006. The mother to New Harriet is a half sister to Nibali the RPRA NW Region award winner 2018 and father to the Algarve One Loft Race winner 2021 in the final race. This winner was recently sold online for €118.000

Below are some Results of Nibali, UK Kittel and close siblings. Is there any better?

GB 17 C49041 “NIBALI’
Father to 1st Final Race Algarve one loft race 2021

Winner of
1st NW Region RPRA Sprint Award 2018

1st Club Tewkesbury 86b
1st Federation 566b
1st South Section 958b
1st Combine 2.569b
2nd Club Hullavington behind loft mate 200b
2nd Federation behind loft mate 898b
6th South Section behind 5 loft mates 1.072b
7th Combine 4.509b
1st Club Portland 140b
3rd federation 1.031b
5th South Section 1.845b
15th Combine 4.243b
3rd Club Yeovil behind 2 loft mates 149b
3rd federation behind 2 loft mates 737b
3rd South Section behind 2 loft mates 1.307b
3rd Combine behind 2 loft mates 2.438b
2nd Club Yeovil behind loft mate 156b
3rd Federation Yeovil 1.193b
4th South Section 2.130b
5th Combine 5.501b
6th Open Yeovil 9.775b
3rd Club Hullavington behind 2 loftmates 159b
23rd Federation 1.066b
4th Club Worcester behind 3 loft mates 144b
20th Federation Worcester 768b
4th Club Portland 180b
11th Federation 798b
20th South Section 930b
30th Combine 3.092b
5th Club Tewkesbury 79b
10th Federation 376b
16th South Section 453b
21st Combine 1.701b
19th Frome 1.532b
19th Frome 4.259b
47th Frome 5.952b

Nest Brother To Nibali

Ricardo has bred many top winners for Wayne and Maurice Mcluckie
GB 17 C49042 “RICARDO 42”
2nd Club Tewkesbury behind loft mate 86b
2nd Federation behind loft mate 566b
2nd South Section behind loft mate 958b
2nd Combine behind loft mate 2.569b
5th Federation Hullavington behind 4 loft mates 234b
5th Hullavington behind 4 loft mates 513b

5th Hullavington behind 4 loft mates 1.083b
5th Combine Hullavington behind loft mates 2.282b

Sister to Nibali
GB 18 C38764
1st Club Hullavington 200b
1st Federation 898b
5th South Section behind loft mates 1.072b
6th Combine 4.509b
2nd Federation Hullavington behind loft mate 388b
2nd West Pennine Amal behind loft mate 527b
4th South Section 707b
4th Combine 2.345b
3rd Federation Tewkesbury behind 2 loft mates 343b
3rd West Pennine Amal behind 2 loft mates 457b
9th South Section 641b
9th Combine 2.065b
4th Club Tewkesbury behind 3 loft mates 79b
8th Federation 376b
11th South Section 453b
16th Combine 1.701b

Sister to Nibali
GB 18 C38763
2nd Federation Tewkesbury behind loft mate 343b
2nd West Pennine Amal behind loft mate 457b
8th South Section 641
8th Combine 2.065
5th Club Portland 180b
12th Federation 798b
21st South Section 930b
30th Combine 3.092b
5th Club Tewkesbury 79b
9th Federation 376b
13th South Section 453b
18th Combine 1.701b

Results from UK Kittel
Father to 1st Final Race European Masters One Loft Race
1st Federation Frome 726b
1st West Pennine Amal 900b
1st South Section 1.211b
1st Combine 4.168b
1st Federation Tewkesbury 712b
1st West Pennine Amal 995b
3rd South Section 1.136b
3rd Combine 4.209b
1st Club Tewkesbury 79b
5th Federation 376b
6th South Section 453b
7th Combine 1.701b
2nd Club Hullavington 155b
4th Federation 538b
6th South Section 707b
6th Combine 2.345b
6th Federation Hullavington behind 4 loft mates 818b
6th Amal Hullavington behind 4 loft mates 1.107
7th South Section 1.072b
8th Combine 4.509b
6th Club Tewkesbury 150b
11th Federation 471b