ONLINE SALE OF THE YEAR! MARK EVANS (Home of the World-Famous M & D. Evans Bloodlines)



Announcement Of A Major Event This Coming Autumn


Northern Premier Online Auctions Are Proud To Announce That They Have Been Chosen To Conduct The Entire Clearance Auction On Behalf Of The Legendary Fancier


Mark Evans

(Home of the World-Famous M & D. Evans Bloodlines)


Celebrating the Auction of Mark Evans’ Esteemed Racing Pigeons

The pigeon racing community will be no doubt surprised, even shocked at the announcement that the legendary fancier Mark Evans is to quit pigeons after 52 years in the sport. This news will undoubtedly also start a buzz of excitement as we prepare to auction off the exceptional collection of M & D, Evans pigeons bred and nurtured by the legendary Mark Evans. This event marks a significant moment in the sport, providing an unparalleled opportunity for fanciers around the globe to acquire some of the finest avian athletes in the world.

 A Legacy of Excellence

Mark Evans is a name synonymous with excellence in pigeon racing. Over the years, his meticulous breeding practices and dedication to the sport have produced pigeons renowned for their speed, endurance, and homing ability. His birds have consistently dominated races and Marks bloodlines have produced more 1st Open National winners than any other loft in history, earning accolades and respect from the global pigeon racing community. The upcoming auction is not just a sale; it’s a celebration of his contributions and the incredible legacy he leaves behind.

 The Auction: A Unique Opportunity
This auction represents a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for pigeon fanciers.

Mark Evans’ pigeons are not only top performers but also carry a lineage of proven winners. Each bird comes with a pedigree that speaks volumes of its potential. Here’s what makes this auction special:

1. **Elite Lineage**:

The pigeons up for auction descend from champion bloodlines, ensuring that buyers are acquiring birds with exceptional genetics.

  1. **Performance Proven**:

Many of these pigeons have already proven their prowess in races or the breeding loft, making them highly sought-after for competitive breeding and racing.

  1. **Global Participation**:

The auction is expected to draw interest from fanciers worldwide, reflecting the international acclaim of Mark Evans’ breeding program.

 Highlights of the Collection
The collection features a variety of pigeons, each with unique traits and strengths. From young birds ready to begin their racing careers to seasoned champions, the auction offers something for every enthusiast. Some highlights include:


“Ace of Aces” winner of: 1st National Ace Pigeon 2019, 2nd National 3,582 birds, 6th National 4,094 birds, 25th National 4,458 birds. 4 x 1st Open Provincials. Plus many other prizes.


“Gentleman Jack” Already father to over 12 different children that have bred 1st prize winners.

1st Federation 2,896 birds, 1st Federation 2,011 birds, 1st Federation 1,972 birds, 1st Federation 1,709 birds, 1st Federation 1,371 birds. 1st Federation 1,227 birds, 1st Federation 1,119 birds. Etc


“Golden Blue” Mother to four generations of winners, including: 1st Federation 3,112 birds, 1st Federation 2,544 birds, 1st Federation 2,221 birds, 1st Federation 1,967 birds, 1st Federation 1,620 birds, 1st Federation 1,613 birds, 1st Federation 1,499 birds. 1st Federation 882 birds, 2nd Federation 2,221 birds, 2nd NEP 57/ 876 birds, 3rd NEP 53/672 birds, 3rd Federation 2,316 birds, 3rd Federation 2,003 birds, 4th Federation 1,799 birds, 4th Federation 1,106 birds, 5th Federation 1,867 birds, 8th NEP 66/1,076 birds, 10th NEP 44/766 birds, 12th NEP 27/610 birds, 15th NEP 23/658 birds, 21st NEP 53 birds, 23rd NEP 60/1,042 birds, 28th NEP 57/1,253 birds. Etc


“Blue Diamond” Father and grandfather to: 1st Federation 1,997 birds, 1st Federation 1,906 birds, 1st Federation 1,099 birds, 1st Section 674 birds, 1st Open NCN 2,544 birds, 1st Section 771 birds, 1st Open NCN 2,112 birds. 1st Section 559 birds, 3rd Open NCN 2,377 birds, 4th Federation 1,564 birds

4th Federation 1,060 birds. Etc


“Dutch Diamond” Father and grandfather to: 1st Federation 1,980 birds, 1st Federation 1,841 birds, 1st Federation 1,822 birds, 1st Federation 1,566 birds, 1st T.B.C. 1,323 birds. 2nd Federation 1,809 birds, 4th T.B.C. 1,176 birds, 7th Federation 1,729 birds, 10th Federation 1,612 birds, 10th Federation 1,222 birds, 10th Federation 1,079 birds. Etc


“Work Man” Father and grandfather to: 1st Federation 1,786 birds, 1st Federation 1,193 birds, 1st Federation 1,022 birds, 4th Federation 1,793 birds, 6th Federation 1,118 birds, 6th Federation 1,033 birds, 7th Federation 1,596 birds, 8th Federation 1,662 birds, 10th Federation 1,455 birds, 12th Federation 1,062 birds, 12th Federation 995 birds, 15th Federation 1,596 birds. Etc



**Grand Champions**:

Birds that have consistently been placed in the top rankings of major races or that have bred pigeons to win major races, showcasing their exceptional speed and endurance.


**Breeding Pairs**:

Proven pairs known for producing offspring with remarkable racing capabilities, perfect for those looking to enhance their breeding programs.

-**Young Stars**:

Up-and-coming young pigeons with immense potential, offering a fresh start for fanciers aiming to build a winning team.

 The Auction Experience

We are committed to ensuring that this auction is a memorable and seamless experience for all participants. Here’s what you can expect:

– **Detailed Information**: Comprehensive information featuring photographs and pedigrees of each pigeon to help buyers make informed decisions.

– **Online Bidding**: For the convenience of our international audience, the auction will be conducted online on


Allowing fanciers from all corners of the world to participate.

You will have to register to be able to bid.

– **Expert Support**: Our team of experts will be available to assist with any questions and provide insights into the pedigrees and performance histories of the pigeons.

Looking Ahead

As we look forward to this exciting auction, which will start this October (late) and finish in the first week of November, we also reflect on the impact Mark Evans has had on the pigeon racing community. His dedication, expertise, and passion have set a benchmark for excellence. The auction not only honours his legacy but also paves the way for new fanciers to carry forward his tradition of success.

In conclusion, we at Northern Premier Auctions are thrilled to be chosen to auction off the exceptional pigeons of Mark Evans. This event is a celebration of his remarkable journey and an extraordinary opportunity for pigeon enthusiasts worldwide to acquire birds of unparalleled quality.

We invite you to join us in this momentous occasion and become a part of the ongoing legacy of excellence in pigeon racing.


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