New Auction Season 2022/23 starting soon.

Here at we pride ourselves in sourcing and offering for sale some of the best pigeons in both the UK and Europe have to offer.

The 2022/23 promises to be a very special year as we have pigeons for sale for everyone to enhance there future stock team and help get fanciers to the very top with some top class birds.

On offer this year will be pigeons from:

Tom Scott (Many direct pigeons from the master Alex Docx) Also included in the sale is a 1st Open Midland Nationalk Winner!

Darren Ede, from all his absolute top Hooymans, Syndicate lofts pigeons.

Ben Oakley A rising star of the pigeon sport and one of the most consistent lofts in the country.

GWP Macaloney Scottish Legends one of the best in Europe

Stuart Knowles (Mellonby & Knowles) Just have a look at the season these lads have had, simply breath taking.

Tom Burkhill Top racing loft and owner of some of the best van Den Bulck pigeons anywhere.

Steven Best Superman from the North East, winner of many 1sts again in 2022 and owner of one of the best breeding sons of both “Kittel” and “Best Kittel” anywhere in Europe.

Simon Parkinson One of the best fanciers in the NE and year after year winner of club, fed, section and nationals.

J&D Staddon, one of the best lofts at any distance in the whole of the UK.

John Wheatcroft.  One of the most knowledgable fanciers on Earth, Johns usually one of the first lofts in the UK to introduce the “Next big thing” in the pigeon Sport.

Derek Walsh One of the most dominant race lofts in Ireland

Jimmy Newhall, New kid on the block.  Winning clubs feds, Amals etc on a weekly basis.

A&S Hughes. Another non commercial loft that excels at any distance in any competition.

Mark (M&D) Evans The amount of National winners and big race winners this mans responsible for is unrivalled ANYWHERE!

All these plus many more…..