Van Vugt Donckers on behalf of Mathew Munslow

With some of the most sought after Van Vugt Donckers sprint/middle distance bloodlines.

Our first auction is a fantastic sale of some of the most sought after Van Vugt Donckers sprint/middle distance bloodlines. These pigeons represent the best of all Belgium on behalf of Mathew Munslow of Munslow Loft. This auction consists of two parts.

  • Auction part 1 & 2 end on saturday january 30th 15:00 PM.
  • Auction part 3 & 4 end on sunday january 31st 15:00 PM.

Matt Munslow has been involved with racing pigeons from a very young age; he inherited the bug and passion from his grandfather and having been around the pigeons and learning his trade over the years he made a conscious decision that he wanted to become a force within the pigeon sport. Matt is a young man who was never going to settle for second best and he decided a few years ago that he wanted the best of the best and so began his quest; he studied the sprint/middle distance racing scene intensively and soon learned that Antwerp was the hotbed of top fanciers and top pigeons and so this is where he narrowed his search. Matt visited many lofts and handled hundreds of good pigeons and after time he decided he wanted two breeds/families to blend and concentrate on and he wanted to buy as many direct from all the main pigeons as possible. So the husband and wife partnership ‘Munslow Loft’ was set up with the view to specialising in the sprint to middle distance and Matt now firmly believes he has reached his goal as he decided on the super lofts of Rudy Pitbull van Reeth for his sprint birds, this was before Rudy’s sale on PIPA and not being content with just one top loft, Matt decided he also wanted to find a more durable breed/family. Matt wanted to create a super family that could cope with all races from sprint to middle distance in the toughest of competition and so after much searching and research and many visits Matt’s heart was eventually set on the king and Queen of speed Van Vugt Donckers. After the partnership of Stickers Donckers was dissolved Dirk was told by many that it would take him a few years to get back to the top after the split with his old partner so he and his wife Cindy set out to prove everyone wrong.

In their first year back racing as the new partnership Van Vugt Donckers they hit the ground running and astonished the Antwerp region by winning 44 X 1st prizes in the first year and 95 X 1st in 2 years. After constant visits and numerous phone calls a great friendship has been firmly formed with Matt and Dirk, which has resulted in Matt becoming Dirks agent. This has given Matt a unique opportunity to own direct children from all of Dirks breeders and Munslow Loft now houses the biggest collection of Van Vugt Donckers in the UK.

Matt has invested an enormous amount of time and expense to own the biggest and best collection of Van Vugt Donckers outside of the Van Vugt Donckers loft in Belgium. He owns direct children from all of their best breeders and performers. In this auction Matt has offered a full round of virgin stock bred from all his originals, all fully moulted and ready for breeding. In the last year alone Mathew has provided club and fed winners for different fanciers. Here is just a sample of testimonials he has received.

Davy Hunt. London.
After being let down for Ybs to start back in the sport I contacted Matt and he helped me by breeding me some yb’s to go along with some of his Van Vugt Donckers I had purchased from him. They made an impact straight away and arrived with other of my birds to win the first 25 positions in the fed and again the week after when they won the first 27 in the fed. This had never been done before in the history of the fed, I would not hesitate to have more from him in the future.

Billy McCoy. London.
I sent Matts birds in 6 races and here are my results.
1st club, 1st Fed Newton Abbot.
1st club 14th fed Honiton.
4th and 5th club Yeovil.
2nd club Wincanton and all this with just 6 young birds from Matt.

Paul Carter.
I purchased a team of 6 birds from Matt and they won the following:
‘502’ won 1st club, 1st fed, 3rd club, 3rd fed.

‘516’ won:
2nd club, 4th fed

‘517’ won:
1st club, 2nd fed, 4th club, 4th fed. And Matts pigeons helped me win 20 from 28 cards in the Gawthorpe HS. I highly recommend any pigeons from Matt and Matt is a genuine guy and easy to deal with.

Paul Price.
I had a blue hen from Matt and last year as a YB she won 3 X 1st and 3 X 2nd feds in Shotton and Trimdon Fed and she was joint bird of the year in the fed as well. Bred one for Paul Wilks this year and that won 1st club, 1st fed, 1st Section 1.296b in the fed when it was 19.5ypm clear on a tough working day, there was also about 9.000 birds in the section. Another Check white hen won 1st club and I won many more cards with Matt’s birds.

Matt also provided Niele De Swaef of Belgium with some youngsters in 2020, several of which scored well for Niels including 1st in his club against more then 350 youngsters.